Twilight Princess impressions — Kotaku hands-on

Kotaku’s Mark Wilson was one of the lucky ones in Redmond this week playing Twilight Princess on Nintendo’s dime. That said, he still gave a very honest assessment of the title citing some jaggies and control issues as downers, but overall it appears to be a positive experience for one of the Wii’s premier launch titles.

“I attempted to regurgitate my Twilight Princess experience the best that I could. For those who are craving more plot, you can pick up the game soon, I promise. I can tell you that it follows the same archetypal story of its predecessors and looks to offer the deepest character development I’ve seen in any Zelda title yet. The game is remarkably cinematic, but not in the cheesy Hollywood-wannabe way that so often traps the gaming industry. At times, I had moderate issues with the graphics and controls. But part of the reason I am a little down on the game is that the first 4 hours aren’t nearly as exciting or innovative as the four that follow.

Sure, it’s a Gamecube port. From what I understand, the Wii version’s major differences are a wider aspect ratio and Wiimote incorporation. Twilight Princess doesn’t utilize motion as well as some games built for the Wii from the ground up, which I find to be a disappointment. But I do find myself enjoying playing, and I’m enjoying playing in the way one can only enjoy a Zelda title. Does Twilight Princess need to be on the Wii? Probably not. But the game is a little better for it”

Check out the entire thing, broken down into sections, at Kotaku.