Wii enjoys third biggest sales week since launch

This is a good sign from the U.K.: Wii sales this week were at their third highest ever since launch day. This shows momentum is still going strong, and that Nintendo was able to ship a decent number to consoles to the U.K. in spite of the shortages. Oh, and it was all done on the heels of a major console launch from another vendor.

Nintendo has told GamesIndustry.biz that Easter gift buying and a rise in the number of Wii units shipped to retail contributed to 25,000 units being sold in the UK last week.

Leaked Chart-Track figures showed that 17,000 PlayStation 3 units were shifted during the same period, while the figure for Xbox 360 stood at 11,000. A spokesperson for Chart-Track declined to comment on the data.

According to a Nintendo spokesperson, “Last week was Wii’s third biggest sales week since launch. Everything we are shipping, we are selling.”

The spokesperson conceded that the figure was boosted by the availability of more stock than usual last week, stating, “Sales in previous weeks weren’t as strong as 25k. More units are shipped some weeks than others.”

Shortages still plague the North Americas and elsewhere, even in light of this up tick in production, but at least Nintendo isn’t insecurely flooding the sales channel or using “units shipped” terminology, right?