Twilight Princess: GameCube alright?

I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, but some think Zelda: Twilight Princess might be released on the Revolution rather than the GameCube. Well if Fils-Aime’s remarks today at the Nintendo Press Summit tell you anything, it’s that the Link goodness is still bound for GCN.

“Someone asked Reggie if LoZ:TP was still targeted for the GameCube. Without giving a straight answer, Fils-Aime said he was the mouthpiece for Iwata and Miyamoto and that both of them had said they wanted it on GameCube.”

Still any believers out there?

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I think it will be on cube. Why would Nintedo lie about it? Plus, create E3 demos for nothing? I don’t think so…

  2. The new Zelda game WILL be on the Nintendo GameCube, some time in 06

  3. Zelda comes 06

  4. anonymous 1&2 are same person, the names kurtis

  5. I still think it will come out for the Cube, BUT a person will be able to put it in the Rev for additional features and such (like Rev controls).

    If you look at all the comments made about it, they never say anything about NOT being for Rev.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion

  6. I think Rev functionality is a possibility, but the game’s shipping on a Cube disc.

  7. I say it will be on a Cube disk, but will be marketed for (and possibly bundled with) the Revolution. I’m not so sure about Rev functionality, but there may be some small bonus or downloadable extra content(additional areas or items).

  8. I don’t think it will have any Rev functionality, as this is supposed to be the GameCube’s swan song.

    I personally am very surprised that those people actually wasted everyone’s time by asking Reggie this question. How many times do the very men who ARE Nintendo (Miyamoto and Iwata) need to emphatically state “NO IT’S GOING TO BE ON GAMECUBE” before everyone accepts it? Meh.

  9. I’m curious to see if Nintendo continues to use GBA connectivity to “enhance” games (like with Tingle Tuner in TWW).

    I’m even more curious to see what they work out with the Revolution and DS for similar connectivity on games in the future.

    Revolution controller + wireless touchscreen controller via DS = I need another arm or two.

  10. Of course it will be on gamecube. They good thing its probably going to be released on the Reolution launch to make it almost a launch game. I never tought of Revolutoin controller compatibility but, Regis DID mention days ago about imagining playing zelda with a sword and shield which would sell lots of controllers and revolutions just for this feature. Come on, it’s pretty obvious they will launch together why release a couple months off each other? They avoided the Xbox360 just for nothing?

  11. If Reggie is Miyamoto and Iwata’s mouthpiece, then are they going to kick my ass? Or is Reggie their footpiece, too?

  12. I agree with the simultaneous launch, and the revolution bonus content. Perhaps a bonus disk with a playable demo of Zelda Revolution…

  13. I’m sure they won’t bundle it with the Rev… The Rev needs to scream “next-gen,” and they can’t do that with a GCN game in the box. Honestly, I’d rather Nintendo change its weak launch ways and position a huge title like Zelda for the Rev right out of the gate. Playing it on a system I’ll replace a few months later will be depressing, and all I’ll be thinking the whole time is “this would be so much cooler on the revolution!” I already think this about most games I play, I’d hate for it to distract me from a Zelda game.

  14. That’s only if u let it. Personally, i think they’ll make a big deal of it on the Cube. They have a good thing goin with their ads right now, making the Cube look cool in commercials. Seen the Fire Emblem one? I think it’s all a set up, along with the holiday bundles, to make more ppl buy Cubes and when Zelda hits, it’ll be the biggest game no matter what’s on 360 or anything else. So then it becomes this big thing for a month or two, then the Rev comes a couple months afterwards, and Nintendo makes sure to let ppl know that “…And all your GameCube games will be playable on it. Including the biggest game of the year, Zelda:TP.” Tag that on the rear of a Rev ad and ur set.

    You see? It’s all one big master plan. And hey, throw in a couple Rev bonuses on the disc. That’d keep the game selling. Zelda is beautiful enough to not be dismissed in the midst of a next gen system, especially 360’s weak looking 1st gen games. That’s prob what Iwata meant when he said he saw no diff between Zelda and next gen. One thing’s for sure: something serious is being put into this game as we speak.

  15. It looks like it’s definitely for the GameCube:

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