Turkey In The Game

This is a few days old, but Nintendo has officially entered the Turkish video game market. Not that there was a huge one before. It sounds like the first title and system to get a big promotional push will be Nintendogs with the DS, although the system will retail for US$249. Ouch!

FYI: At the time of writing, Infendo has had a mere 113 unique visitors from Turkey, representing only .2% of our international readership. Regardless, welcome players.

[Source: Gamasutra]


  1. How many New Zealanders?? lol
    Probably less, this is casual gamer heaven, ie ps2 and xbox.

  2. 320 or .66% of international readers.

  3. XBox and PS2 players are casual in New Zealand? In the US it’s the other way around–albeit on purpose as per Nintendo’s strategy. I don’t know anything about NZ gaming conventions and I assume not a lot of other people know either. Maybe you can educate us?

  4. Basically NZ Gamers are sucked in by marketing, and know less then they realise (i saw one guy confusing Castlevania with DMC once), they all want/have a ps2 or xbox bcoz their friends have them, they know everything about games bcoz a friend told them. Their are of course exceptions (like myself), but overall, theyre not very bright, not many ppl have a gamecube, but know who nintendo/mario/zelda is, and know what a GBA is, but mainly kids own it.

    They are casual gamers all over, bye what is marketed to them as kool, not actually what is a good game, and their lack of product knowloedge is amazing, i hear kids going into EB Games all the time asking if they have the new playstation, when told its not out for a year or so yet, they dont believe the workers and claim theyve seen one, or their friend has one (etc etc)

    Theyre stupid really, but this is just a generalisation, some ppl do actually know what theyre on about…

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