Trailer: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

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  1. that trailer was HARDCORE!

  2. This game is gonna own.

  3. That actually.. doesn’t look bad 0.0
    This is from a guy who’s never bought a GTA game in his life, I may contemplate getting this if the reviews agree.

  4. Ghostface Killah!! Awesome trailer, sexy sidekick lady/love interest, more gameplay footage, and goddamn Ghostface Killah!

    (Sorry, my hardcore rap love-affair extends to all things Wu-Tang…and if something is associated with them –especially something that already looked amazing on it’s own– I get really excited.)

  5. Wow, what kinda demon did Nintendo resurrect with its new found wealth? No More Hero, Man Hunt, THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: OVERKILL, Mad World, and now this…I am impressed.

    Oh that’s right, beware of the new puzzle quest! I was trying to be a good school boy and bought Puzzle Quest: Galactrix via Impulse(Sins of a Solar Empire, Stardock). Oh boy, did I got burned! The game is a complete mess, this is not my place to blog, so to put it short, stay away from this quest, you can thank me later — Karma + over 9000

  6. looks pretty decent.
    Not a big fan of the series, but i might give it a try on the DS.

  7. I saw some actual gameplay footage and it looks really good.

  8. Looks better than i was thinking!