Trace Memory Wii to release Jan. 22 in Japan

We’ve known Ashley is coming to Wii. We didn’t know how soon.

Nintendo of Japan has posted a limited schedule of 2009 releases dating Trace Memory Wii as a Jan. 22 release in Japan.

Announced during Nintendo’s October press conference, Trace Memory Wii is a sequel to the 2005 Nintendo DS point-and-click adventure game. Short footage of the sequel is available at the 2:34 mark of the buzz-reel trailer Nintendo showed at the conference.

The original Trace Memory put players in the role of Ashley Robbins, a young girl searching for answers about her parents’ disappearance. It achieved cult-classic status for its innovative touch controls and has sold roughly 230,000 copies worldwide according to VGChartz.

Nintendo has not yet dated the Wii sequel outside of Japan.