Hardware Sales: Dec 19-25 (Japan)

Surprise, Surprise, the Japanese like the DS and the GameCube sells six times what the 360 did for the same period. Granted, few expected Microsoft’s newest console to perform well there, but that is very alarming giving the GCN recent poor sales. Via Nintendojo.

Japanese Hardware Sales

  1. DS – 597,628
  2. PSP – 161,332
  3. PS2 – 97,475
  4. GCN – 36,646
  5. GBASP – 35,764
  6. GBM – 19,261
  7. Xbox360 – 5,674
  8. GBA – 906
  9. Xbox – 141

[Thanks, Randy]


  1. Dose anyone know how much of a profit the ds has made?

  2. That won’t be out till the next Nintendo earnings report….

  3. PSP isn’t doing too shabby either.

  4. Well seeing that this was the “Holiday shopping totals” the next couple of weeks the toltals for all systems will go downhill.

    So for the
    psp only going under 200 at the peak, isn’t that bad, but when the DS is doing 600 at the peak….Prices must falll

  5. Good to see the DS outselling the PSP in Japan…
    The psp is a good machine, but with no must have software on it
    and BTW what I cannot tolerate is Sony claiming “here’s the GB killer!”
    WTF?! where?

    PS happy new year! we’re in 2k6 mates!

  6. There’s a reason for the GameCube to sell so much… and that reason is Zelda…

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