Top 10 games you can’t afford to miss on the Wii Virtual Console

Infendo Top Ten VC

Despite your favorite games not being released for the Virtual Console yet, there are a ton of games available in the Wii Shop Channel now. Here’s a look at the top ten games you shouldn’t miss playing:

Wrecking Crew

10    Wrecking Crew  [NES]
It’s a puzzle game, it’s a platformer, and it has Mario in it. There’s even a level editor you can use to extend the game. You can even save these levels to play later, a feature that the original NES cartridge lacked.


9    Ice Hockey  [NES]
Six countries to choose from and a very limited team selection are both made up for with some fun gameplay, classic Nintendo synth music, and fights! Two player action on a simple sports title could even be considered a precursor to the casual athletics fest of Wii Sports.


8    R-Type [TurboGrafx-16]
You gotta have a shooter on this list and the TurboGrafx-16 had some of the best. Released for countless systems with a number of sequels, check out the original side-scrolling shooter from Irem.

7    Shining Force  [Genesis]
This turn-based tactical RPG was a fairly quiet title on the Genesis back in the day, but it has endured for over ten years. It’s also a great introduction to turn-based RPGs for people who might be intimidated by the difficulty of Fire Emblem.

6    Paper Mario  [N64]
Back in 2000, towards the end of the N64’s life, Nintendo dropped this bizarre creation on us and it was surprisingly deep. In what is essentially a completely separate Mario universe from his platforming games, this game is quite the adventure with incredibly humorous dialog to help the story along.

5    StarTropics  [NES]
Save your Uncle in this great adventure title from the early 90’s. The original game even came with a letter from your Uncle that you needed to dip in water to get a secret code! (Don’t worry, the VC version has a digital equivalent.) The art style is also great for anyone who is a Punch-Out fan.

4    Sin and Punishment  [N64]
This unique rail shooter is considered a Virtual Console import. Until recently, you could only import this game from Japan, despite all dialog being in English with Japanese subtitles. A neat trip of a game.


3    ActRaiser  [SNES]
Part city-sim, part side-scroller, this game is an incredible classic. Truly one of the underrated classics on the Super Nintendo. Become the Master and rebuild your world!


2    River City Ransom  [NES]
A brawling RPG went to depths that games like Double Dragon could never imagine. Truly original games like this are rare and it’s a shame that there aren’t more like it. Save your school and save your girlfriend. BARF!


1    Kirby’s Adventure  [NES]
Unfortunately you can’t get Game Boy games for the Virtual Console, but Kirby’s NES debut was better than its monochrome predecessor. Sure, there are remakes available of this version, but nothing feels satisfying like the 8-bit original.

What are your picks for great Virtual Console games that some people may have overlooked?