Today’s senior citizens are the true hard core gamers

So you think you’re a hard core gamer? Think again, sport. Gramps has you beat and them some:

Younger generations tend to dominate the gaming world; however, older respondents who do play games are more avid players. Older gamers, particularly seniors, tend to play games more frequently. Over one-third (36%) of gamers 65 and older say they play games everyday or almost everyday, compared with 19% of adults aged 50-64, 20% of adults aged 30-49, and 20% of adults aged 18-29. Senior gamers may play more frequently because they have more time to play than younger gamers, as 77% of senior gamers reported being retired.

Who knew the senior home was such a hotbed of video games? Not me, that’s for sure. Too bad Wii Sports isn’t online, otherwise I’d take my A-game to the home for a fresh challenge.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I like how the comments section of that site is trying hard to say these gamers “don’t count.” So… Kids don’t count. Seniors don’t count. Girls don’t count. Only males aged 17-25 count.

    Lovely times.

  2. Max says:

    Problem is that the males aged 17-25 also counted TEN YEARS AGO. So now they’re what, 27-35? What about gamers who were in that age bracket when the Atari or the NES first made a splash 20+ years ago? Do people spontaneously stop being gamers the minute they leave that sweet spot age bracket? We seem to forget that gaming has been around for a while, and most people don’t suddenly stop once they’ve been bitten. As for the outright older people, most people I know of that age group don’t want to slow down and “get old” and lethargic. Gaming uses a lot more cerebral resources while not requiring participants to get up and jump around and aggravate arthritis.

    In short: More power to ’em!

  3. ResidentialEvil says:

    I agree Max. I’m in the 27-35 age bracket now, and I probably game more than I did from 17-25 (probably because I can afford games now).

    Games to people in that bracket are no less forms of entertainment than movies, music, tv, etc. I always thought it was funny that some thing you can get “too old” for games. Can you get too old for DVDs? CDs? Going to the movies or concerts? Not to me.

  4. ResidentialEvil says:

    Sorry that should say “funny that some say you can get too old for games”.

  5. Rob says:

    Considering the first real exposure the general public had to video games was in bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys. Why is there any mystery at all that people other than lonely guys on message boards play video games?

    Seriously, when they see those sales figures, do they think there is really just that many of them compared to the rest of the world?

    I suppose it is possible to become self centered when your all by yourself most of the time.

  6. Lord Toker says:

    i am so gonna be like that lady in 35 years. now i have something to look forward too after retirement. i will complete all of my games to the 100 percentile!

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