Today’s senior citizens are the true hard core gamers

So you think you’re a hard core gamer? Think again, sport. Gramps has you beat and them some:

Younger generations tend to dominate the gaming world; however, older respondents who do play games are more avid players. Older gamers, particularly seniors, tend to play games more frequently. Over one-third (36%) of gamers 65 and older say they play games everyday or almost everyday, compared with 19% of adults aged 50-64, 20% of adults aged 30-49, and 20% of adults aged 18-29. Senior gamers may play more frequently because they have more time to play than younger gamers, as 77% of senior gamers reported being retired.

Who knew the senior home was such a hotbed of video games? Not me, that’s for sure. Too bad Wii Sports isn’t online, otherwise I’d take my A-game to the home for a fresh challenge.