Video game censorship pollutes Boston

Menino video game banUgh. More of this crap, but now it’s hitting closer to home (as least for David and me).

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is backing HB1423, a Massachusetts bill sponsored by Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry, according to The Massachusetts legislature will be holding a hearing for the bill on Tuesday. Like some of the other bills before it that aim to restrict the sale of violent games to minors, HB1423 would essentially classify digital bloodshed in the same legal category as pornography.

This was all over the morning news programs here in Beantown, which is unfortunate. We can lobby for and build casinos without a second thought, but video games dey gots to go!

Here’s free advice that I’ve been giving ever since Jack Thompson started his pathetic schtick against video games: It’s called parenting. Do it.