Tips roundup

Been a busy day updating our new tips form (coming very soon). But here’s some belated tips from some of our finest readers. Enjoy and thanks to all that make Infendo a little nicer place to hang around.


  1. Holy Rusted Metal Batman! I had that very Nintendo Catalogue!

    The re-written captions are hillarious. I just woke up MANY people with my ,oud laughter at 2am.

  2. I had at least six things out of that catalogue. Embarrassing!

  3. everyone laughs now, but years ago, those were some pretty cool rooms. Even better than my He-man bed sheets… you know you secretly want them… “for the kids” I’m sure.

  4. I was looking for the mario 2 clock and found this mario and luigi clock.

    Can you find the irony of this clock?

    mario clock

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