What was your first Nintendo experience?

As with many of you, I fondly remember my first Nintendo experience. The year was 1986, and I was at a friend’s house playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. This wasn’t the first console I played at home (the Atari 2600 owns that honor), but I instantly knew I was playing something very different. I also remember thinking the graphics were amazing compared to the stick figures I was used to on Atari.

Though the details of the experience are a bit foggy due to my young age at the time, I was instantly hooked on Kung Fu and Super Mario Bros. Additional titles followed such as Pro Wrestling, Metroid, RC Pro Am, Zelda, Tecmo Bowl and about 500 more.

Whether young or old, regardless when you started playing Nintendo, I’m confident the experience was largely the same. Do you remember?

Originally published on September 26th, 2005.