Time’s Tech Toys

Time.com has released their holiday wish list for Tech Toys noting, “Even grownups will love these cool toys.”

Nintendo products make two appearances on the list of eight tech toys.

Nintendogs for Nintendo DS It’s easy to fall for a Nintendog. Feed it; play with it; introduce it to dogs that your friends are raising on their own DS systems. Just beware of the guilt trip that comes from neglecting your pup. nintendogs.com $35 (game only)

Nintendo Game Boy Micro Hardly thicker than the Game Boy Advance cartridges it plays, the Micro has a bright screen, crystal-clear sound and colorful body plates that are swappable to suit your game face. gameboy.com $100

Also on the list are the Zizzle iZ, Hasbro I-Dog, Lego Factory, Pixel Chix by Mattel, Knows Your Name Winnie-the-Pooh, and the Microsoft Xbox 360.

So, what Nintendo products are on your wishlist?

[Source: Time.com]