Limited Edition DS Lite (read: just one) is the new hotness

DS Lite matte finish limited edition

In my boring life outside video games, I prefer simplicity over bell and whistles. Actually, even with video games I’m pretty simplistic. My Guitar Hero III Gibson has one sticker adorning its white veneer (the evil bunny rabbit, if you must know), and I’ve never been one to put stickers on my consoles, my laptops or my DS Lite. I dislike the current trend in laptops where the screens must have that glossy plastic because its distracting. My PC wallpaper is generally plain Jane, and the one day I decided to live it up and put some crazy Chaos Theory fractals up there I sweat profusely for a few hours before returning hastily to a modest light blue shade.

With that in mind, there’s an absolutely stunning DS Lite making the rounds today from streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Japanese fashion mag Honeyee. Matte finish FTW.