Timeline of Games

Read all about the history of video games and how Nintendo has consistently impacted the industry. The little playing card company sure has come along way. With the Revolution, it should make it’s biggest innovative leap since the original NES.

What do you attribute to Nintendo’s long line of success given past competitors like Atari and Sega’s failed attempts in the console industry?

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  1. Nintendo always seems to put out very innovative and quality products. I had the original system with the light gun and the robot. When I took the time to set up the robot, it was pretty cool. But the games are expensive, and I can’t get used to the gamecube controller. I’ll stick with the PS2. But I really do want the 2 metroid games, Donky Konga, and the Star Wars Rebel games.

  2. How could you not like the Gamecube controller, its the best controller out there and its easy to get used to!!! By the way Star Wars Rebel Games suck!!! Metroid Prime 1 is awsome but metroid prime two is no fun at all. I think that Donky Konga would also be a bad idea, although I’ve never played it so I don’t know

  3. The Gamecube controller is one on the most confortable controllers out there. I will admit that I was intimidated at first but I got used to it really quickly!

    Now you want to talk about hard to get used to – let’s talk about the X-crap controller. Even the small one is still awkard.

  4. I think Nintendo always trys to make good family consoles with games everyone can enjoy…
    That is very important to me.
    I don’t have the time to ba a hardcore gamer anymore. Though it makes me sad, I can’t spend hours in front of the PS every day 🙁
    So I want fun and easy to play games. Nintendo always delivers in this field imho

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Sturek. I don’t have time to play games all the time and I don’t want to filter through all the crap on a lot of other consoles. I know GC has had it’s fair share of poop games, but for the most part, you garanteed a hit 3-4 times a year. I don’t have the time to play much more than that so if i do, they better be “Nintendo Good” games.

  6. Hehe did I say PS ?!? I meant PC sorry…anyway, it has the same meaning 😉
    I never owned and never will own a single Sony product and I am proud of it ! 😉

  7. I’m right with you sturek. Especiallly if it is Playstation. You keep donig what you’re donig Nintendo. I’ll take over Sony and drop it……like it’s hot.

  8. Hot garbage 🙂

    But seriously, i think a factor in the console wars has been the fact that all of Nintendo’s serious competitors were run by Americans. Which is why i guess NCL gave such little leeway to NOA during Yamauchi. This is on a global scale however, cause both Sega and MS beat Nintendo in America and prob even Europe (not sure about Sega in the UK, but def MS). On a side note, Sony is so successful in the US because Kaz Hirai, SCEA top dog, is so Americanized. I’m not saying the Japanese are better than us in this industry, but the way they manage and run things is much more conservative.

    Outside of that though, it’s the way Nintendo always maximize their profits and make THE best games that come outta Japan. I know that’s an opinion, but most in the industry will agree. EAD is the best developer on this planet.

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