NDS Game Selector Switches it Up!

One of the faults of portable gaming is variety – if you want to play more than one game while you are out, you have to carry around extra cartridges – and risk losing them.  It’s no surprise then, to see the market flooded with cases of all colors, shapes, and sizes that help you keep your handheld and your games together – but Hong Kong Company BlazePro take DS cases a step further with the “Game Selector.” Encasing your DS in a plastic black enclosure, the “NDS Game Selector” plugs three DS cards into your console via switch and cable, allowing you to choose which one is sending it’s data to the DS.  At first I wasn’t sure if this was awesome or pointless, but it could definitely save Animal Crossing addicts the hassle of constantly switching cartridges.  A neat idea, and an inexpensive solution if you  have cartridge-switching woes.

[13.42 at Superufo via Tinycartridge]