THQ’s de Blob sells more than 700K worldwide

If the sticky, color-spewing de Blob were to splatter paint upon the THQ offices, he would color them green.

A pale, cash-like shade, that is.

CEO Brian Farrell said Tuesday his company’s colorful Wii platformer has sold more than 700,000 copies worldwide to date.

The game’s success has enabled THQ to keep de Blob at its original price point. After five months at retail, de Blob still sells for $49.99.

“We can make money on games like that,” said Farrell.

Farrell also said THQ is pursuing a “three-prong” strategy for Wii, including publishing “Nintendo-esque” games with high production value like de Blob, budget titles like the million-selling Big Beach Sports and licensed software such as its Nickelodeon portfolio.

“The competition on the Wii right now is from Nintendo. That’s what we’ve got to attack,” said Farrell. “The people who buy Nintendo games, (we want to) get them to buy things like de Blob.”

de Blob released to mostly favorable reviews last September in North America, Europe and Australia. It splattered Japan two months later.