THQ’s de Blob gets a perfect score, “would have Miyamoto bowing in respect”

The September issue of Australia’s Ultimate Nintendo magazine features the “world’s first review” of THQ’s upcoming Wii platformer de Blob.

Aside from giving the game a perfect 10/10 score, the magazine also proclaims it “would have Mr. Miyamoto bowing in awed respect.”

Praise seems to have become the Internet standard for de Blob, as well. IGN posted yesterday a detailed hands-on preview of the game’s first six worlds and hailed its polish, atypical for a Wii title:

“Now that we’ve bested all six worlds, we think Wii fans have an innovative platforming winner.

“You control a gelatinous ball able to spray a monochromatic world with different colors of paint. It’s a quirky game that reminds us of titles like Katamari Damacy, except that developer Blue Tongue has infused the experience with untypical polish, a fact that distinguishes the project as something that seems to take advantage of the Wii hardware and not just its controller.

“This sparkling attention to detail is present from the moment the game boots, as the gorgeous interface is preceded by a crisp pre-rendered cinematic that shows the invasion of Chroma City by the INKT Corporation, led by Comrade Black and his minion of INKY soldiers. Too often we see muddy, artifact-laced cut-scenes on Wii — a sign that developers couldn’t even be bothered to correctly compress a movie for the platform. Not so here, as all of the dozen or so cinematics we’ve seen so far not only look good, but feature excellent choreography and great comedy.”

de Blob is scheduled for a Sept. 22 release in North America. Our friends down under can purchase the game three days later.