This week’s Infendo Radio is all about 3DS; answers your burning hands-on questions

If you hate the 3DS, this is not the show for you. But if you’re curious about all the little intricacies of the portable, first impressions, best games etc., get clicky with the below. Fair warning: If you only want to hear how awesome the 3DS is, go elsewhere—ongoing critique and concerns are very much included.

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Music: “Hollywood Bowl” by Band of Skulls, “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun.


11 Responses to This week’s Infendo Radio is all about 3DS; answers your burning hands-on questions

  1. Stan says:

    Robo-Blake has no friends!

  2. L0cky says:

    Did you guys know there are streetpass games build in in the miiplaza ?

    there is a dungeon/rpg game and a puzzle game build in.

    also its street fighter 4 not 2 😉

  3. bananaoomarang says:

    Can you make a MAHOOOSIVE AR card and take 3d pics of you standing next to toon link, being shot by samus etc etc. PLEASE!

  4. Verius says:

    Not sure if it was just me but Blake’s audio sounded a bit garbled near the end. :/

  5. bananaoomarang says:


    Yeah, Blake turned into a Dalek partway through.

  6. Richard says:

    Blake, thanks for those observations; I’ll be going into launch day with more realistic expectations, now (still excited, though!) I do look at it as investing in a portable console that’s not 100% “there” yet–Can’t wait for the update download.

    Loved Derek’s premonition of a Mario 3D warning!

  7. btj says:

    ahahahaha super street fighter 2!? its not even a hard title to remember! thats kinda a bad f**k up since that this is a nintendo dedicated site….

  8. Mohan says:

    I wonder if Nintendo will make Pokemon card with AR in them, then all the Pokenerds will implode with joy! 😉

  9. InvisibleMan says:

    Sounds like those AR cards could be turned into a “gotta catch ’em all!” game in and of itself!

    Thanks for the preview, guys! I think I will stick to my plan and keep from buying the 3DS until Christmas… after the dust settles.

  10. Alvarou says:

    Give Blake a break, there was a dozen SF 2 versions…it’s in our subconcious now.

  11. king_salamon says:

    AR Cards from Club Nintendo in the future? Pretty sure that’s gonna happen!

    AR Cards… e-reader cards… hmm.. same thing just different tech? I loved the e-reader… at least this one is standard with all systems!

    Wonder when the first AR card will be packed with a copy of Nintendo Power?

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