This week’s Infendo Radio goes Chicken Little on 3DS


Regarding the upcoming launch, I’m cautiously optimistic. Derek’s pissed he can’t buy one in fire red. Either way, please join us as we discussed all things 3DS, including launch details, favorite games from this week’s show, and some challenges the sessy handheld faces moving forward. Enjoy!

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Music: “The 11th Hour” by Rancid, “Yippiyo-Ay” by The Presets.


  1. My apologies for turning into a droid at the end of the show. I listen to way too much Daft Punk.

  2. you guys should play links awakening that is 1 of the best zelda games made.
    hope it will be available quick after launch of the 3ds

  3. Glad to hear that the charge cradle is wireless charging, I love that about my Pre (I have the touchstone which is a wireless charger for my cell phone).

  4. last gen business model. you guys are right. but i think its a bit early though. let’s wait till this eShop store is open and running before we jump the gun. but you guys are right. you can get a cheaper, less feature oriented version of street fighter 4 on iDevices for about $8, and it is very beautiful. the only thing i don’t like about it, is obviously finger touch screen controls, though ten one design made a fling controller (analog stick with suction cups) for the ipad; i heard an iphone version is coming soon, so that could be a game changer.

    i think this whole 3DS success thing is very dependent on the quality and pricing of their eShop store. we obviously already know their retail stuff is going be great (though i wish the pricing was more in line with DS titles now, like $30 instead of $40-50). i’m actually a little disappointed that the gb vc games were direct ports with no added options. they better cost a buck then if that’s the case. i was expecting 3D, and different border options, maybe even a stretched screen, and whatever other options they can think of. if they are expecting to sell those vc titles for $5 with no added content or options, they are going to lose this battle with apple. but we shall see.

  5. also, you guys pointed out that the iphone can download most games by 3G from anywhere. that is definitely a convenience advantage to wifi download only for 3DS. that’s pretty hard to beat, but at the same time there isn’t really anything nintendo can do. they’re certainly not gonna ask people to get into contracts for 3 or 4G.

  6. I must thank you for mentioning my DK letter. But I wont bacuse i c0uldent hear a thing from blake.