This ’90s “Next-Generation” guide to spotting bullshots is great

Via Fort 90

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2 Responses to This ’90s “Next-Generation” guide to spotting bullshots is great

  1. Kale says:

    If only you muggles knew the full truth of what goes into making screenshots sometimes… It’s downright unethical at times…

  2. Chelsea says:

    This practice is rather deceptive, but somehow I can’t get too up in arms over it, because I figure “I’ll just wait until the final game is released and try it out then. They can’t fake that.” Besides, the screens may be enhanced but they’re usually not that far off from the final product.

    Honestly, if someone buys a game based on just a couple of pretty screenshots and then the game is completely different than what they thought, then hopefully what they really bought wasn’t a game, but a lesson in critical thinking.

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