The Picross 3D Demo is pretty cool


I was recently checking out the Nintendo Channel today looking for some interesting DS game demos when I stumbled upon Picross 3D. I’ve never really tried Picross games growing up but I’ve always had an interest in them; since I’ve seen people play Mario’s Picross on the Game Boy. For those who are a little familiar with this mathimatical game I’m going to jump straight into the 3D aspect.

The game has the player start with a solid block of cubes marked with numbers. With each block contains a hidden object that is hidden by other blocks. The numbers represents the number of blocks in that row that are part of the hidden object. If a row of six blocks is marked with the number five, one of those blocks must be eliminated.

So it’s a game of deduction as the player must deduce the answer based on the number clues marked on adjacent rows and columns, and since it’s 3D Picross you can be sure that the objects are going to be pretty interesting once you figure them out. So if you have some free time and haven’t downloaded a demo off the Nintendo Channel in a while give it a try.

Do you think Picross can work as a 3D game?

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