The one thing the 3DS really needs…

A second analog slide pad. Thoughts?

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  1. I’m no engineer, so I’m not sure if there’s enough physical space inside the unit to put another pad in. But I’d certainly love it, and it would allow lots of FPS games to be played on it.

    If it doesn’t happen however, there’s always the possibility of just moving the unit up, down, left and right to aim. The gyro could easily take care of that. It still wouldn’t be as awesome as another pad though.

  2. Yeah, I agree entirely. People complained enough about the lack of second analog on the PSP, it’s unfortunate that the 3DS should suffer the same fate.

  3. Move the D-Pad up and the First Slide Pad down.


  4. It has a touchscreen.

  5. fps with a stylus is superior. no thanks.

  6. why anyone in the world would want that 2nd analog stick is beyond me. just buy a psp. its like playing a wii fps game with the classic controller. why go back in time when the future is here?

  7. “Move the D-Pad up and the First Slide Pad down.”
    Slide Pad would be more comfortable on top.

    “It has a touchscreen.”
    It’s not 3D, though.

    “why anyone in the world would want that 2nd analog stick is beyond me. just buy a psp.”
    PSP doesn’t have a second stick either.

    “its like playing a wii fps game with the classic controller.”
    I sometimes play RE4 with a classic controller cos It’s awkward to point at the screen while lying in bed.

  8. YES!!!! For lefties like me! Thank you Will!

  9. The point bringing up the touch screen is that it acts as a second analog stick. You slide the stylus around and it mimics the use of the second stick.

    The one downside is that you can’t use the right shoulder button when you do this. But you can tap instead, so that works well enough. It’s maybe not 100% ideal, but a second analog stick isn’t really necessary either.

  10. Have to agree with people who said it has a touchscreen. There is no need for another on. Shooting is so much better with the accuracy than a second slider. As for Jake saying it’s not 3D, well how exactly is a slider 3D? Peace

  11. A touchscreen doesn’t have near the fidelity of a control stick. Anyone whose played Super Mario 64 DS should know that. It wouldn’t be much more expensive, and it would be extremely useful, so I don’t see how it’s NOT necessary.

  12. “As for Jake saying it’s not 3D, well how exactly is a slider 3D? Peace”

    I’m talking metroid prime hunters style, where you can tap your enemies to shoot at them.

  13. The reason I say it needs a second Analog Nub is because of the form factor and the 3D screen. If you are holding the system one handed, the thumb on the analog stick, and the other hand using the touch screen, it leaves the system in a position where it isn’t secure so it will move around.

    This will probably end up making you lose sync with the sweet spot, and cause the 3D to split causing untold headaches and what not. With two analogs, you have both hands on the DS giving you a decent solid grip.

  14. wouldn’t giving it a second analog thing make it more Virtual Boy ish?

  15. Sorry Jake, but the touchscreen has just as much, if not more, fidelity, if it’s being used for *camera control*. That is, you put your stylus in the center, and you move away from that point to rotate the camera. What you lose is scrolling at the edges, so it acts more like a mouse, but as a second thumbstick replacement, it can be made to work just fine.

    It’s not nearly as good when it comes to *movement*, but there’s a reason you use WASD for that and mouse for mouse look and not the other way around. Pointer interfaces are not good for movement. Fortunately, you’ve already got the one analog stick to take care of that for you. As such, Mario 64 isn’t a valid example of anything.

    Will’s point about stability is certainly a valid concern on the other hand; it’s not going to be as comfortable as it could be, even if it’s possible to get it to work (and it is). Some small amount of contortion or support is going to be necessary, at least for long play sessions.

    But a lot depends on whether they actually have the headroom to insert another stick with regard to the internals. They may not.

  16. Just make it a bit thicker so it holds better, put that second analog in since now you have space and problem solved. Come on nintendo do I have to do you’re engineers job?

  17. It has a touch screen AND a motion sensor AND a gyroscope. Why the heck would you need a second control stick?

  18. Why does it need the first slide pad?

    I stopped playing video games for two reasons…
    1. I grew up and had a life
    2. the controllers got WAY too complicated.

    I got back into gaming for two reasons…
    1. I had six kids and now have no life
    2. the Wii and DS made gaming simpler again.

    Why would I want to see a DS with multiple buttons, shoulder buttons, sliders, slide pads? Why not just take a PS360 controller and slap a screen on it? The you could have all the buttons and more!

    Skip the slide pad and use the gyro sensor micro thingies instead.

  19. ^ Well said.

  20. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a second stick but I think it would be nice from a compatibility standpoint. So many games have two sticks and when porting a version to the 3DS, I think it would be nice to have both.
    I do agree that the 3DS, in it’s own right, doesn’t need the second stick as it has a touch screen and that is much better in a lot of ways for a lot of things ;o).

  21. One analog and the touch screen are more than enough for the portable. Never had a problem with using the touch screen to aim/shoot/move around on DS before (X-Scape on DSiware says hi) so I don’t really see the problem.

  22. I also would like to see a second analog stick. Nintendo already dumbed down the Game Boy Advance by only using two face buttons instead of four and the DS by not including an analog pad. Also, for a lot of third person games it is useful to have a second analog or second d-pad for camera control. Finaly people are forgetting that N64 FPS control is clearly possible with the current 3DS design. You aim and turn with the analog pad, strafe with y and a, move forward with x and back with b, shoot with L and jump with R.

  23. Naw, the only way it could be better is with a mini-fridge and an oven!

  24. If it needed one, it would have one.

  25. Think of the lefties!

  26. @BlueRocks

    Playing video games doesn’t mean you don’t have a life.

  27. No, in fact I think they should get rid of the controlpad

    Just the slidepad, the buttons, the screens, they don’t even need the cameras (should be a seperate 3DS), and as for the 3D slider, they should make it digital, not something you need to actually move

  28. I enjoy the people who can’t for the life of them think of a use for the right analog pad.

    Two words: Left. Handed.

    Look up some gameplay of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Analog for movement, touchscreen for aiming. Seems like swell controls, but I could NOT play like that. I feel extremely overlooked. I want a analog pad on the right side!

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