The Nintendo Nine

Jet Force Gemini
Space Station Silicon Valley
Beetle Adventure Racing
Blast Corps
Sin and Punishment
Pilotwings 64
The New Tetris
Midway’s Cruis’n games

To go along with their lists for NES and SNES wishes, GameDaily has dreamt up these 9 obscure N64 games they want to see on Revolution’s virtual console. Ok, Midway’s Cruis’n is actually a series, but you get the gist. It’s a healthy mix of rare games and cult hits, but GameDaily, you had me at “The New Tetris”


  1. SPACE STATION SILICON VALLEY! I have that game, it is so amazing… quite possibly the best sleeper hit of the N64. It’s hilarious as you’re this robot who tries to get his body back and along the way you inhabit other animal robots. It’s extremely creative.

    JFG… that’s “the game you want to play, but don’t want to play”. As in, you want to play it, but when you do, you shelve it.

  2. Blast Corps would be my first N64 download, that was one game i wanted to play the whole time I hd a working 64 but never got around to buying it.

  3. Weird enough, I agree with mark’s comment on JFG …

    I think my first N64 download will be Majora’s Mask, I love it.

  4. Sin and Punishment and Space Station are at the top of my list. But more importantly, where’s the SNES list?

  5. Click on “SNES” and “NES” in the article. They’re red for a reason.

  6. Sorry, the comment should have been, “Where is the POSTED list?”

    Here at work, can’t see them. Darn government jobs and their internet censoring…

  7. Oh, sorry. We only reported on the NES one, so the NES link takes you to our posted list of those. Not the SNES one, though.


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