No lights out for NiGHTS on Wii just yet

It’s just a wisp of a phantom of a rumor, but NiGHTS for the Wii is back in the headlines this week. Siliconera says that someone else has translated a release schedule for the Wii and one of the entries is for NiGHTS.

I remember playing this game on the only Saturn system I ever saw in person over at a friend’s house back in high school, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Bonus points for the special Christmas Easter egg that was unlocked by the system’s internal clock. Internal clocks were a big deal back then.

So who’s jonesing for some NiGHTS? Personally, I think if you want a nice third party title to bookend Nintendo first party releases and take care of that pesky Nintendo Drought, this would be a good fit.

Original release schedule here (Japanese).