The future of Nintendo looks to the past

I loves me some Google News, especially the archives, which let you search stories by the decade. The service only goes back to the early ’80s right now, and features a limited number of articles. But the following old-school Nintendo headlines still caught my attention:

  1. Now, Video Game Players Can Take Show on the Road (1989)
    New York Times piece on the announcement of the Game Boy.
  2. The games played for Nintendo’s sales (1989)
    New York Times piece on the Nintendo marketing machine of the late ’80s.
  3. Video Games: They’re Back-and Almost as Big as Ever (1987)
    Abstract piece the the LA Times on the roaring video game industry (thanks to Nintendo) after the crash of ’83.
  4. NEC Tries to Zap Nintendo In the Video Game Market (1989)
    New York Times piece on the arrival of the TurboGrafx-16 to challenge the NES.
  5. What’s Hot, What’s Not: Video Games Best-Seller List (1988)
    LA Times abstract piece on that year’s biggest games, almost all Nintendo ones.
  6. Nintendo Scores Big (1988)
    Awesome article by the New York Times on Nintendo’s breakthrough success.
  7. Nintendo search takes some fun out of the game (1988)
    Great story examining NES shortages of Christmas that year.
  8. Nintendo revamps video games (1988)
    San Jose Mercury News story on early Nintendo help-line employees, then a staff of 92.
  9. Nintendo wants to Zap Atari commercials in courtroom contest (1987)
    Seattle PI story on Nintendo’s clam of copyright infringement in an Atari commercial that year. I like how journalists kept using the word “zap” in their headlines. 🙂

It’s fun to go back and read this stuff. For those who read ’em all, anything stand out?