The 411 on Retail Wi-Fi

Not a lot of new information on the wi-fi service, but this is what Nintendo is sending out to retailers. It does do a good job of breaking down the benefits of Nintendo wi-fi; mainly free and easy use. Click on image to enlarge.

What are you most excited about with Nintendo wi-fi?

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  1. im worried
    does the line (through there pc) mean i HAVE to play it through my pc.i wouldnt mind this except i just spent £50 kitting myself out with a wifi router my pc is already wireless does this mean ill have loads of lag.
    further’ does this mean my computer has to be on to play online:that would mean going upstairs booting up my computer and getting it online just to play mario kart.

    what if i dont have a pc.
    or just as bad if i have a laptop.
    i can see this as being a huge barrier to entry quite the opposite of what nintendo wants.

    i reccon they must have carried out a survey asking poeple if they know how to set up a wireless link and the majority of poeple said no.

    the thing is i didnt know how to set up a wireless link before i got my router but the instructions made it very simple.
    and now i consider it to be one of the simplest things on my computer.
    if this is true nintendo needs to do a rethink because this could put me and a lot of poeple off.
    and a lot of poeple unhappy with the ds.

  2. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get access directly throught your wireless hub.

    Nintendo only wants to make it as easy as possible to everyone. That’s why they talk a lot about going throught your PC for wireless porting. Nintendo will sell some USB wireless thing to plug in your PC; so that people don’t need to buy wireless hub’s.

  3. Is this for Europe? They say in the last paragraph that Animal Crossing DS won’t come out until next year?

  4. It seems to be delayed 🙁

    Yeah, you don’t have to use W-LAN routers, but you can 😀
    I think the Rev will also act as the “gateway” to the online world for the DS….

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