The 10 Most Promising DS Games of 2008

With the holidays still wrapping up and not much being announced until the spring, let’s take a look at what we know is coming in 2008 for the hottest selling game system on the planet:

10 – Square Enix10_ds2008.jpg
Okay, not so much a single title here, but rather a nod to the continued and overwhelming support from Square Enix for the DS. Titles slated for 2008 include It’s A Wonderful World, Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

9 – Assassin’s Creed09_ds2008.png
A thoroughly hyped and popular game for the highest definition game systems out there, how will they pull it off for DS? Rumors suggest it might feature card based play, rather than the free roaming of the current versions. Either way, could be an interesting title to see on a portable.

8 – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney08_ds2008.png
The fourth entry in the series that was started with Phoenix Wright, this new entry will star a new protagonist. It’s also the first Ace Attorney game built specifically for the DS (the others were all GBA ports). Also, Famitsu giving it a 9/9/9/9 score (36/40).

7 – Super Dodgeball Brawlers07_ds2008.jpg
This is an update of the classic NES game for the DS generation. The original is something of a cult classic, so a built-in audience should help push this game back into the gaming consciousness.

Based on the addictive web game, the DS version will feature downloadable levels and a level editing/upload mode. Portability would be nice for this puzzler, just as long as the floating physics of its online original stick around for the ride. Plus, it’s about a ninja .. nuff said!

5 – Fire Emblem DS05_ds2008.jpg
DS could be the perfect system for the Fire Emblem series. Control your commands on the touch screen and watch the battle play out on the top screen. Like Advance Wars’ new edition, it will feature online play. It also features Marth from the two original NES & SNES games in the series.

4 – Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword04_ds2008.jpg
If there’s one thing DS lacks, it’s games requiring you to hold the system vertically, or book-style. Controlling Ryu’s sword slashes and aiming his shurikens with the touch screen sounds like a blast.

3 – Professor Layton and the Curious Village03_ds2008.jpg
A new puzzle game franchise with Hayao Miyazaki inspired art direction. Weekly online downloadable puzzles provide longevity (until the sequel comes along).

2 – Sonic RPG02_ds2008.png
Little is known about this title, except that it is being developed by BioWare responsible for huge hits such as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, and Mass Effect. Can they bring deep gameplay and story lines to the Sonic universe?

1 – Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin01_ds2008.png
This is the second title of the series to be released for DS and it features a much more mature art direction. The first Advance Wars title to have online multiplayer should make it a must-have.

For such a well-selling system, it doesn’t seem like a lot of must-have games. Maybe the hot list of Wii’s 2008 games is shifting the focus for developers, but again, it’s early. Anything here sound good to you?