GameCube Revolution

This would be one way to do it, but I think better use of the expansion port could be achieved. Either way, here’s IGN’s photoshop creation.

[Source: IGN]


  1. BOO! They are missing the point!

  2. Agreed. Good thing IGN doesn’t design controllers. It’s just so linear and predictable.

  3. Personally I like it. I mean I know it’s no different than the gamecube controller but – it looks very … I don’t know, presentable. I really like the colors and stuff.

    And I wouldn’t mind an updated GC controller – But yeah I guess they could have come up with something new.

    What color Rev’s do you guys plan on getting?

    At first I was in love with the black, but then I liked the silver and now I’m in love with the white. Haha .. Just curious.

  4. I think it will be something like that. But imho Nintendo will try to use the buttons of the freehand thingy in a better way.
    And the GCs layout isn’t perfect for N64 and SNES games…..
    I’m really really interested to see that classic expansion….difficult task for Ninny…..

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