Tatsunoko vs Capcom: The Wii Fight Stick



While many of us would be content to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom on a classic controller. They’re a few of us who want that arcade experience, and we all know that Capcom is all about the arcade feeling. They are working with Mad Catz once again to bring the Wii it’s own unique fight stick; just like the one for street fighter 4 a few months back. Although there isn’t any word on a tournament style stick, it will get the job done.

Anyone looking to get their Tatsunoko on with an Arcade stick? I’m thinking about getting one of these myself and modding it out with Sanwa parts.

[via Capcom Unity]

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  1. Was never very good with sticks myself. I’ll stick to controllers for now. Looks awesome for those who can use a stick properly though.

  2. You know, if I decide to get the game at all, I might just have to consider buying this! It’s very swanky.

    I’m not so good with a stick, of course, but nothing beats that “arcade” feel.

  3. Boy do i ever wish I could afford a good arcade stick – the issue is to make it fair you really have to buy two!

  4. being raised in my dads arcade i can tell you, stick rocks.

    I mean, ive played the KoF games on the PS2,and…


  5. What the hell is so special about this sanwa stuff I keep on hearing about?

  6. The version of this controller for SF IV is pretty decent, but I would probably just use a Classic Controller.

  7. Thanks for reporting on this! I was hoping that something along the lines of this would come out. My only concern is that it’ll cost about as much as the PS3/360 ones cost (between $70-$150). That would be a big turn off here.

  8. If its highly recommended that you use fight sticks to play a game, I call that bad game design. Seriously, how old is the arcade style stick setup? This is a convention born more out of form than function. The controls needed to stick out of a cabinet. When I’m at home, the controls should rest in my hand, comfortably.

    In other words, I agree with the first post by Abysmal.

  9. oh man that stick rocks. i had one like it for the original sf2 when it came out on the snes. it was expensive, but worth it if you love the arcade feel. i’m probably gonna have to pick this up.

  10. Just so we’re clear that stick in the picture is a MadCatz SFIV SE stick for PS3 not Wii. It is not a Wii Capcon v. Tatsunoko stick. It’s just a customized PS3 stick. You can even see the “home” button. It’s not even all that customized. just new art and buttons, maybe a new stick although you can’t tell from the pic. One might guess that the Madcatz stick will look similar.

  11. @ Cory – the deal with Sanwa parts is that the are the authentic parts that are in a lot of Japanese arcade cabinets. The street fighter IV cabinet that I’ve seen actually had seimitsu parts but nevertheless the parts that are in the madcatz SE sticks are basically chinese knockoffs of sanwa parts. The tounament edition stick ($150) has sanwa parts. I customized my own PS3 SE stick with sanwa parts and can say the buttons are only slightly better but the sanwa sticks are much better. It is a lot of fun to customize a stick. I will probably get a wii stick and customize it. A good arcade stick would be awesome for many virtual console games. And if you are a hardcore fighting game fan you would want a real stick with good parts. However for this game since it only has four buttons anyway the classic controller isn’t that bad an option.

  12. Here’s a picture of the stick I made from my SE stick.

    The stick pictured in this blog post is indeed a Madcatz SE for the Playstation 3. I haven’t heard what the wii stick will look like but since it is for TvC and because that game only uses four buttons it might not look anything like an SE stick.

  13. It’s a mock up.

  14. That controller, cost 180 dlls. at the Comic Con and yesterday (saturday) was all sold out.

  15. Friends don’t let friends buy Mad Catz.