Platinum Games gives us a sneak peek at Bayonetta 2

  During today’s Wii U-centric Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata graced viewers with a special sneak peek into the development of the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2. The short clip dives into the development process helmed by Platinum Games and what the developer intends to make this sequel more unique. However, the video does not show off any new gameplay footage, or any clips that we’ve pre...

Fire Emblem Awakening TV commercial

Fire Emblem Awakening will be available on retail and download in North America for the Nintendo 3DS on February  4, 2013.

Trailer: Disney Infinity revealed for all consoles

Disney Interactive today announced Disney Infinity, which will release for all platforms, including the Wii U and soon-to-be mobile devices, in Summer 2013. The game will be a sandbox style environment that combines the best of Disney and Pixar’s own worlds and creations. Infinity can be best described in the same vein as Skylanders and Minecraft, in which customization and the use of collec...

LOL: Be careful what you ask for, Nintendo 64 Kid

Personally, this scenario isn’t all that far-fetched. I had a similar moment happen to me when the Virtual Boy I received for Christmas in 1995 started to shoot lasers and pluck out my retinas, while forcing me to endlessly play Waterworld.

Video: Video Game Break Up

“You know what this is like? Video game custody!” Special thanks to Jason Horton on the tip and well-made video. You can check out his YouTube channel here.

Video: The Animated History of Nintendos Consoles and Handhelds

Animators Anthony Veloso and Quentin Dron have created a clever video that highlights the history of Nintendo’s home consoles and handhelds. Not be confused with Brawl in the Family’s History of Nintendo tribute, the video starts off with the company’s popular Game & Watch handhelds from the early 1980s and ends with the recent release of the Wii U. Near the end, we are treat...

ZombiU launch trailer

Now where have I seen this clip before? Hmmmm?

Nintendo finally outlines the Wii U’s online set up

With five days left until the Wii U’s North American launch, one question has still bugged many gamers: How will the Wii U’s online work? Finally, Nintendo has laid out the details of the Wii U’s online infrastructure and how it will affect certain games and devices. Bill Trinen leads the way in the video describing almost every detail about the Nintendo Network and its relation ...

The first Wii U American TV spot is now live!

Nintendo has officially released the first American Wii U television ads, and they’re all over the place in terms of camera and set work. A little more open-ended from the initial Wii launch ads from 2006, these spots show off the capabilities of what the Wii U wants to accomplish as a truly different gaming experience. So, compared to past Nintendo home console television ads (and even comp...

Nintendo UK airs first Wii U commercial

The first Wii U commercial has hit the airwaves in the United Kingdom. Thoughts?

Brand spanking new New Super Mario Bros. U trailer shows off new levels

Even though the Wii U preview event is over, that doesn’t mean that their will be a sudden stop to the flow of new Wii U game trailers. Game Informer was able to secure an exclusive New Super Mario Bros. U trailer. The short trailer highlights new levels and several of the Yoshi abilities that populate the game’s landscape. At this time, New Super Mario Bros. U will launch alongside th...

Pre-Wii U launch event message from Reggie

Nothing beyond the obvious is provided in this latest preview video from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, but it doesn’t ease our patience. Nintendo will be live-streaming tomorrow’s Wii U launch event on their Facebook page, but it is not yet active at the time of this post. The event will start 10:00 AM EST. So, who else is ready to wake up early for tomorrow’s b...