Tiger Woods

Popular game blog likes first-person golf in Tiger 11

Why didn’t anyone tell me this? Fresh off last year’s excellent Tiger 10 with Wii Motion Plus, EA this year will release a “first-person” golf mode in the new Tiger 11. Dubbed “True View,” the side mode lets Wii owners see things as if they were Tiger. Er, I’m mean Rory McIlroy. In any case, Kotaku praised the mode in a preview published today. “I do...

[Review] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 What makes my Dad and Tiger Woods awesome

I never thought I’d ask for my father’s help in a video game, but I was at my wits end – I was 12 over, behind a tree, in the deep rough, and my hand hurt. Tiger Woods PGA 10 had bested me, I needed someone who knew golf – time to ask Dad. “How do you hold your golf club?” I asked him, “My left hand keeps cramping up and I can’t get the ball to go st...

This week’s New Game Get is Legendary!

Where do you even start with this one?  Not only does North America finally get a Starfy game, but Wii MotionPlus debuts with Tiger Woods and there’s Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, not to mention Iron Maiden DLC for Rock Band 2 and new DSiWare Mario vs. Donkey Kong.  Ugh! So much more to see after the break in our New Game Get mega list! [Now updated with even more Rock Band 2 DLC!]