Super Mario

Ben Chan Plays Super Mario RPG and Zelda

Sometimes we all just need a break and need some video game music.

Classic Commercials – Super Mario Sunshine

Hmm…I can see where Nintendo was headed with this marketing style, but it seemed to fail on all fronts. One of my favorite underrated titles on the old purple lunch box. Those water effects/physics still amaze me. Where’s my ‘New Play Control’ version of this game?

Artist makes Shy Guy creepy yet sympathetic

On Monday, concept artist Winona Nelson posted this realistic take on the NES classic Super Mario Bros. 2 on the art blog Gorilla Artfare. She calls it Turnip Murder. Veggies have never seemed so deadly. For more of Nelson’s art and illustrations, consult her Web site.

Nintendo Spotting: Boo Balloons

Try to remember this folks; It really is not a party unless you invited them Boos.

Super Mario Bros. 3 drum medley

Drummer virtuoso Andrea Vadrucci totally remasters the drum tracks in Super Mario Bros 3 while listening to them in their original 8-bit form. This makes him one of the most awesome drum medley makers around, and an obvious supporter of Super Mario Bros. 3 as the best game ever.

Nostalgia – Super Mario World Cartoon

An old Super Mario World cartoon from the early 90’s. How many story differences can you spot?

Super Mario RPG released on Europe/Australia VC

Multiple Wii owners in Europe and Australia have confirmed Friday’s VC update which includes one of the most underrated SNES role-playing-games…Super Mario RPG! Expect the classic to hit the United States possibly Monday, or soon after. Have any of our Euro/Aussie readers downloaded this yet? If so, how is it?

Hacked Super Mario World levels appeal only to platformer masochists

If you want nine minutes of Super Mario World terror, frustration and controller-breaking challenge, watch this video. And what’s with getting only 21 stars at the end? Honestly.

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