Nintentunes is on now!

In my short time as an Infendo contributor, Nintentunes has been one of my favorite parts about writing for the site. Although not everyone may care for the weekly (sometimes) segment, I love reliving video games through the fantastic music emerged throughout the years. If you love video game music as much as I do, click on through and enjoy the pure bliss that is Nintentunes!

Nintentunes celebrates Mario Kart 7 so this week it’s an all racer edition!

There is no way that I am about to jump online with Mario Kart 7 tonight. Why you ask? Well embarrassment for one, and I usually like to finish the single player game first to get a feel for the tracks. Oh yeah, and I don’t want to get smoked ever single race.  In celebration of the launch of Mario Kart 7, this week Nintentunes will visit the wide world of racers on Nintendo consoles. If yo...

Nintentunes would like to remind you that Skyward Sword is only 14 days away

It seems that not much attention is being given to what will perhaps be one the best games in the franchise by the mainstream gaming media with other big name titles dropping such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but rest assured that we here at Infendo are chomping at the bit to get our hands on the game. In fact, if given the opportunity to play the game of rece...

Nintentunes: Columbus day edition

NES – Operation Wolf Operation Wolf was one of the first games I remember wanting to buy because I first played it at an arcade. Operation Wolf was ported to every console under the sun at the time, but only the NES and Sega Master System versions featured the all important light gun support. The game was brutally hard, as were many  ported games that were originally intended to eat all you...

Nintentunes: Short but sweet edition

So as you may have noticed, I have been absent from the site this week and I’m here to tell you why. My girlfriend of five and a half years and I split up recently, so on top of moving and working, I have been trying to keep up with my studies and haven’t had much time to post. Now that I am all settled in and again have Internet access, I can’t wait to dive back in to the world of Nintendo ...

The 10 most gameplay enabling Nintendo systems

Nintendo has a rich history of innovative and gameplay contributing hardware. You know: new hardware twists that improve the way we interactive with games. Having played all of the company’s systems since 1986, here’s how I’d rank ’em in terms of most gameplay enabling to least gameplay enabling: Nintendo DS. Whose to blame for the ongoing touch gaming revolution? This litt...

This weeks Nintentunes is the bee’s knees!

What a perfect day it has been. My Chargers beat the much hated Chiefs, Werder Bremen scraped out a win in the Bundesliga, and now it’s time for Nintentunes! This week join us we take a trip down memory lane and visit some of the best music this side of Abby Road. If you dare, head past the break and fill your Sunday with the joy of music! Just be sure to drop us a few lines letting us know how ...

Is this the beginning of the end for Nintentunes?

Just kidding! Today’s episode of Nintentunes is brought to you by the letter R.

Nintentunes: Classical Nintendo music 101

NES – Mega Man 6 Mega Man 6 was released toward the end of the NES life-cycle, and was largely overshadowed by series spin-off (the first of many many such spin-offs) Mega Man X which released just 3 months later for the SNES. Mega Man 6 is my favorite title in the series, mainly because of the off the wall Robot Masters that were designed by fans in Japan and the United States.

Nintentunes: Citizens on Patrol

This week’s edition of Nintentunes has heavy dose of RPG, perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of my import copy of Xenoblade. This may also be the reason why a game that has never seen the light of day outside of Japan is featured as well. Charlie Sheen also makes a cameo this week so what are you waiting for? Head past the br… was that the doorbell!?

Nintentunes: Better late than never edition

As many of you may have noticed, the hamsters that keep our servers at headquarters running were on strike. Can you believe that they demanded more shredded carrots and celery sticks? The nerve! Contracts have been signed, cages have been cleaned, and your work week is about to be kicked of in style, Nintentunes style.

Nintentunes, the best medicine for your iPod

NES – Airwolf Don’t tell me you don’t remember the game based off the 80’s American television series starting the oldest guy still acting Ernest Borgnine. Actually, when my family gifted the game to me, I didn’t either. This helicopter sim/action shooter would not qualify as a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s good for an afternoon or two.

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