Nintentunes: Classical Nintendo music 101

NES – Mega Man 6
Mega Man 6 was released toward the end of the NES life-cycle, and was largely overshadowed by series spin-off (the first of many many such spin-offs) Mega Man X which released just 3 months later for the SNES. Mega Man 6 is my favorite title in the series, mainly because of the off the wall Robot Masters that were designed by fans in Japan and the United States.
SNES – Gradius 3
Gradius is known for being the most difficult title in the series. Not only was the arcade version pulled by Konami, but subsequent ports of the game included beginner mode which reduces the overall difficulty. The SNES version is the only one that allows players to continue when all lives have been lost, making it the preferred version for those who don’t wish to torture themselves.
N64 – F-Zero X
F-Zero X is the super fast futuristic racing title for the N64, and the first racing title to run at 60 frames per second with 30 vehicles on screen. Although the game was designed to connect to the Nintendo 64DD, because of the commercial failure of the 64DD in the Japan, the add on was never released outside of the land of the rising sun.
Gamecube – Super Mario Sunshine
There is a lot to love about Super Mario Sunshine as it takes many of the best gameplay elements of its predecessors and adds a super soaker backpack. What’s not to love? Despite the relatively low sales numbers of 5.5 million copies sold compared to the 11 million Super Mario 64 managed, Sunshine is beloved my many as one of the most original Mario titles to be released. 

Wii – Arc Rise Fantasia
The Wii has never been known as the go-to console for RPG gamers, but it did receive a few exclusives worth talking about. Take Arc Rise Fantasia for example. Published by Ignition Entertainment, known by Nintendo fans as the publishers of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Arc Rise Fantasia is your standard fare turn based RPG with a relatively interesting narrative. The soundtrack is fantastic, and was even released as a 3 disk soundtrack.
Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.