Reptile is this week’s Nintentunes biggest fan

Remember when you were a wee little child and asked your parents for a dog but you couldn’t have one because of your little sisters allergies and were given a pet lizard instead? This week’s edition of Nintentunes is dedicated to that as it is an all reptile edition. This week we will go dinosaur hunting, eat sewer pizza, and even talk to our reptile mayors in the city. Join us, and as always, enjoy the music!

NES – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
[youtube] [/youtube]TNMT has always been one of those games that I told myself I would get back to and beat, well, beat without the use of a Game Genie anyways. The game is hard. I suppose it isn’t much harder than some of the other games of its generation, it was just the norm. It wasn’t even the dam level that got me either, I seemed to pass that one with little to no effort. No, I always lost on the darn technodrome boss battle, thing was brutal. And if you lost Donatello…forget about it. Might as well start over.

SNES – DinoCity
[youtube] [/youtube]DinoCity was one of those games that was given to you as a Christmas present because one of your non-gaming relatives saw it in a bargain bin. Not saying that I didn’t appreciate the gift grandma, it’s just that when I said I wanted the game with the green dinosaur on the front, I ment Super Mario World. No matter. I actually had fun with DinoCity, as it is a competent platformer with interesting character designs. It wasn’t my favorite game of the generation, but it sure made for a fun couple of weekends or so.

N64 – Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
[youtube] [/youtube]Lots of people look to Goldeneye 007 as the pinnacle of first person shooters on the N64, and rightfully so. The game was fantastic. A few months before, however, a little game from Iguana Entertainment was released by the name of Turok. Turok certainly wasn’t the first FPS to be released, id Software had released Wolfenstein 3D and Doom in the early 90’s to essentially start the genre. Turok was the first game I remember however that deviated from the corridor shooters that had been dominated the genre, and instead offered open environments to explore. If your N64 FPS experience begins with Goldeneye 007 and ends with Perfect Dark, perhaps you should give Turok a go. I won’t go as far as saying that it is as polished or genre defining as either of those two games, but it is certainly as fun.

Gamecube – Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
[youtube] [/youtube]As a Nintendo-only gamer for most of my life, there were a few games that appeared on the ”˜other’ consoles that I found myself longing for. Some of those games were fighters. Was it Tekken that I most wished I had? Perhaps it was Virtua Fighter. No. For some reason the only fighter I ever wanted ever since I got my hands on it on the PSX was Bloody Roar. Finally with the Gamecube release of Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, the franchise would finally be in my hands. I’m not sure what it is about the game that I found particularly compelling, but there is nothing like transforming into a cute little bunny and kicking the crap out of your competitor.

Wii – Animal Crossing: City Folk
[youtube] [/youtube]As far as video games go, there isn’t anything much more addicting than Animal Crossing. Of course you have your World of Warcrafts and Everquests that have been known to suck literally months of time away from a person, but I still know people that attend to their towns on a daily basis in the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing almost 11 years later. That takes dedication. I could never quite catch the Animal Crossing bug, it became too monotonous for me after playing it for about a month or so, but I can certainly see the appeal. Don’t upset Mr. Resetti though. Guy’s a jerk.

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