Reader Mail: Send in your questions for the next episode of Infendo Radio

We here at Infendo care about our readers, so we want to get back in the mix of things by answering your hard-pressed questions about the world of Nintendo. It’s been a while since we’ve answered questions on Infendo Radio; most of it has had to deal with time, editing, and a slight detour of Eugene, Scott, and myself spending two episodes discussing the Top 25 Nintendo games of all-ti...

Come clean – what’s the most embarrassing game you own?

We all must have some game in our collections that you like to hide at the back of the shelf, claiming that “It’s my sister’s!” or some other such excuse. Time to come clean, folks. What’s the most embarrassing game you’ve ever owned?

Portable gaming, now with more cellphone contracts!

So Sony is allegedly readying a PSPGo with a cellphone bolted on, courtesy Sony Ericsson. Gaming is changed forever! The 3DS is doomed! I kid, I kid. I think. More seriously, word is Nintendo and Nokia had a similar arrangement back in the day that never materialized, for reasons unknown (the device even went through the R&D process!). This isn’t exactly new territory, in other words. S...