Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2 rocks my socks off

Just a quick public service announcement: Puzzle Quest 2 is amazing.  They took a great game and tweaked it in all the right places.  It really brings me back to the day where you could play an RPG and doing something like killing a polar bear and bringing its pelt back to someone didn’t seem so shocking. The one thing I miss from the original is the voice that says, “You are victori...

Puzzle Quest 2 + airplane = perfect trip?

Right before a trip to visit family, my pre-ordered copy of Puzzle Quest 2 for DS showed up in the mail.  Could there be a more perfect game suited for travel?  If so, tell us what it is!

PAX East: Two games that belong on Wii

While touring the PAX East exhibition floor, we had the pleasure of seeing two amazing games destined for much success: Limbo and Puzzle Quest 2. David labeled PQ2 a must buy that’s all but pre-ordered for his DS Lite, while I couldn’t stop gushing over Limbo, a simple black and white Xbox Live Arcade 2D platformer that deals in nothing but light, shadow and a pair of beady white eyes ...