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Infendo Radio 362: Nintendo Switch!!!

Infendo Radio

Thank you Nintendo. Thank you Miyamoto. Bless you Kimishima. Nintendo NX Switch has finally been announced, and Infendo Radio is here to tell you all about it! It isn’t all Nintendo Switch news as we briefly discuss Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun and

The Nintendo Switch has Finally Arrived!

[Note: This article was originally written by me for NintendoFever.com. I have edited it and brought it here for Infendo reader’s enjoyment]   They’ve been teasing us for what feels like forever now – “we’re not ready to talk,” “Nintendo

Infendo Radio 361

Infendo Radio

Well it’s Monday so you know what time it is. Time to go to work. You know what would make your work day just a little bit better? Not having to deal with your boss. How can you distract your

Infendo Radio 360: Sniffles Edition

Infendo Radio

Hey everybody and welcome to another week of Infendo Radio! This week we talk Bob Hoskins and Mario, Mike schools us on Pokémon GO, and discuss how the NX may be revealed by an unlikely but tasty source. Be sure

Infendo Radio 359: Nintendo’s Liger Console

Infendo Radio

We might be a day late, but we are never a single coin short, Infendo Radio is on now! Mike, Justin, and Eugene are back to talk Wii U production stoppages, Pokémon GO updates, and the obligatory NX talk. This

Ubisoft CEO “We love it” when asked about NX

Ubisoft has always been there. At the launch of Wii we were treated with many launch titles from Ubisoft, Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids being among them. With Wii U, Ubisoft was right there with ZombiU and Just Dance. Unfortunately,