Infendo Radio 360: Sniffles Edition

Infendo Radio

Hey everybody and welcome to another week of Infendo Radio! This week we talk Bob Hoskins and Mario, Mike schools us on Pokémon GO, and discuss how the NX may be revealed by an unlikely but tasty source.

Be sure to get in on the action and send us your own #InfendoTop5! This week we talk about our favorite year in video games. Tweet us your lists @infendo, or shoot an email to [email protected].

Show notes:

Section Breakdown
Mario’s Age – 3:21
Pokémon GO – 9:27
Papa John’s to release NX – 21:55
New Game Get- 27:17
Infendo Top 5 – 40:19

Delfino Plaza – Super Mario Sunshine
Frosty Village – Diddy Kong Racing



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