Is this the beginning of the end for Nintentunes?

Just kidding! Today’s episode of Nintentunes is brought to you by the letter R.

Nintentunes: Labor day edition

Gameboy – Sword of Hope 2 Sword of Hope was known along with Final Fantasy Legend as one of the first RPGs to appear on the Game Boy. Kemco later released a sequel to the title, and although I don’t remember much of story other than the need to find some dude named Zakdos, but I do rembember the awesome soundtrack. Throughout the entire adventure the music is catchy and rhythmic, and for a...

Nintentunes: Classical Nintendo music 101

NES – Mega Man 6 Mega Man 6 was released toward the end of the NES life-cycle, and was largely overshadowed by series spin-off (the first of many many such spin-offs) Mega Man X which released just 3 months later for the SNES. Mega Man 6 is my favorite title in the series, mainly because of the off the wall Robot Masters that were designed by fans in Japan and the United States.

Nintentunes: Citizens on Patrol

This week’s edition of Nintentunes has heavy dose of RPG, perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of my import copy of Xenoblade. This may also be the reason why a game that has never seen the light of day outside of Japan is featured as well. Charlie Sheen also makes a cameo this week so what are you waiting for? Head past the br… was that the doorbell!?

Nintentunes handheld edition: all the great tunes now available in your pocket!

Gameboy – X One of the great things about Nintendo handhelds circa 2008 was their ability to play games from other regions without having to worry about the game being region locked. Although X was never released outside of Japan, this early attempt at three-dimensional gameplay for the original gameboy spiked many gamers interest outside of the land of the rising sun. Going back and playing...

Nintentunes: Better late than never edition

As many of you may have noticed, the hamsters that keep our servers at headquarters running were on strike. Can you believe that they demanded more shredded carrots and celery sticks? The nerve! Contracts have been signed, cages have been cleaned, and your work week is about to be kicked of in style, Nintentunes style.

Nintentunes, the best medicine for your iPod

NES – Airwolf Don’t tell me you don’t remember the game based off the 80’s American television series starting the oldest guy still acting Ernest Borgnine. Actually, when my family gifted the game to me, I didn’t either. This helicopter sim/action shooter would not qualify as a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s good for an afternoon or two.

Nintentunes: this week with and extra helping of awesome!

  Nintentunes has fast become one of my favorite features to run on Infendo. Music in games is one of the, if the the most important aspects of gaming in my opinion. With the right soundtrack, video game music can help to set the mood just as the game designer intended it. As always, enjoy the tunes and be sure to let us know how you feel about this week’s selections. 

USA may have lost the World Cup, but Nintentunes is here to help you sing the blues

Music in games is arguably the most important aspect of any game, as game soundtracks can make or break the game experience. Imagine if world 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. didn’t include that iconic theme song, would it still be a held up as one of the greatest games of all time? Perhaps, but then I wouldn’t have a rockin cell phone ringtone. Click on through to hear the best music of yesteryear, a...

Nintentunes is here and ready to add some class to your weekend!

Another weekend brings another edition of Nintentunes. This week there is a strong helping of RPG titles in honor of Operation Rainfall. Don’t forget to drop us a comment below if you enjoy the Nintentunes series, and let us know what your favorite Nintendo music is!

Nintentunes: Independence day edition

Is there anything better than a three day weekend? How bout a three day weekend with a smidgen of Nintentunes! Join us as we celebrate America’s independence through music!

If you like things that are awesome, Nintentunes is the place to be!

Music is by far the aspect that sticks with me the longest after the console has been powered down. Before even thinking about the awesome battle that occurred at the end of the Fire Temple, I can hear the Bolero of Fire being played in tandem by Link and Sheik. Without question the most influential pieces of music, to me, have come from video games…not Lady Gaga. With that, I welcome yo...