Infendo Radio 506 – Welcoming Special Guest Harrison Milfeld!

Welcome to Infendo Radio 506 as we are joined by Special Guest Harrison Milfeld! This week is all about the games as we play a round of Twenty Questions followed by Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 496 – Grinding in Games

This week on Infendo Radio 496, we have a good old fashioned Infendepate! This week, Eugene and Steve take on Justin and Bryan in discussion the pros and cons of grinding in games! After that, Eugene hosts a round of Nintentunes.

Infendo Radio 491 – Special Guest Matt Desind

Welcome to the greatest Nintendo Podcast this side of the Mushroom Kingdom! This week on Infendo Radio, Matt Desind joins the fray to give us his review of Steamworld Quest! After that, we play a round of Nintentunes, and then we answer your questions from the Question Block!

Infendo Radio 489 – Are you ready for the Infendebate!?

Welcome to the show! This week, we have a good old fashioned debate: N64 vs. NES controllers! After that, Justin leads a round of Nintentunes, and we answer your questions in the question block!

Infendo Radio 485 – Nindies Direct w/ Guest Matt Smith

Welcome to Infendo Radio 485! Nintendo likes to drop Nintendo Directs on us on show-nights, so we have no choice but to talk all about it! After breaking news, we have a round-table discussion and then play a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 483 – Death of the 3DS

This week on Infendo Radio we have a Roundtable discussion about the Death of the 3DS! After that, Justin leads us into a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 482 – Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Thank you for joining Infendo Radio! This week we are Steve and Justin-less, but we gain a 1-up in the form of guest host Phantom! Lukas is at the helm of the great ship Infendo, and it promises to be a wild ride!

Infendo Radio 480 – Infendo’s Nintendo Direct!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This weeks plans were all thrown in the trash after Nintendo announces a surprise Nintendo Direct scheduled mere hours before the live show!

Infendo Radio 476 – If Trump was an A.I.

Welcome Infriendos! We are well into the new year, and this week we decide to drag a classic episode segment from the grave!

Infendo Radio 470 – Astalos In Your Face

Welcome to another edition of Infendo Radio! This week, we talk about Nintendo's holiday game sale, Justin treats us with a round of Nintentunes, and we talk about the games we have been playing in Change The System!

Infendo Radio 467 – Everyone is Here!

Thanks for joining us for Infendo Radio! This week, the whole crew is here to talk about the final Smash Direct. We play a round of Nintentunes, and Justin is hilariously unable to speak.

Infendo Radio 466 – Nintentunes Featuring Fearful Leader

Happy November all! It's voting time, and episode 466 is an all Nintentunes affair to help you to fulfill your civic duties! Who will win this week's episode? Lukas, Steven, and Eugene all duke it out to claim that coveted Nintentunes prize!