Contra 4 DS cover art kicks alien butt

NeoGAF has cover art and release dates today for one of the more highly anticipated 3rd party DS titles, Contra 4. The game launches November 13, my wallet has gone into hiding and my sense of nostalgia just went to plaid.

Okami for Wii rumor gets new life

Listen up, Konami CAPCOM. Okami is the game that was designed for the Wii, but doesn’t know it yet. It will find its way to that system, if you have any wits about you whatsoever. 1Up.com’s Quartermann hints at something: Quartermann also contends another popular rumor still has life in it: Okami on Wii. Capcom is already working on an upgraded port of the overlooked Zelda-style advent...

Contra is DS bound

How did this one slip by the Infendo radar? Contra 4 is coming to the DS! Contra 4 (working title) is under development for Nintendo DS by Valencia, California-based Wayforward Technologies. The new game will take a cue from Bionic Commando and implement a grappling hook for the first time, as well as offer two-player co-op. Action will take place across both screens of the DS in 2D. First of all,...