Contra is DS bound

Contra is bound for DSHow did this one slip by the Infendo radar? Contra 4 is coming to the DS!

Contra 4 (working title) is under development for Nintendo DS by Valencia, California-based Wayforward Technologies. The new game will take a cue from Bionic Commando and implement a grappling hook for the first time, as well as offer two-player co-op. Action will take place across both screens of the DS in 2D.

First of all, Bionic Commando GET. Who knew an 8-bit game could rock as much as Bionic Commando did — all without jumping of any kind?! Second, Contra was the reason I hung out with this kid Matt back in elementary school. He was a bonehead, but he had Contra. My NES, sadly, never did. Super C, sure, but the frickin’ Konami code was inexcusably absent from that title.