Okami for Wii rumor gets new life

Okami for WiiListen up, Konami CAPCOM. Okami is the game that was designed for the Wii, but doesn’t know it yet. It will find its way to that system, if you have any wits about you whatsoever.

1Up.com’s Quartermann hints at something:

Quartermann also contends another popular rumor still has life in it: Okami on Wii. Capcom is already working on an upgraded port of the overlooked Zelda-style adventure, complete with Wiimote support.

Simply put, Okami would sell, sell, sell on the Wii. It’s a Wii game in PS2 clothing and I think — nay, I know — it would positively explode on the Wii. It would click. It would make sense. It would fight the Antichrist and win and then do a jig like Bruce Willis in that Boyscout movie. You get the idea.

Just make it happen CAPCOM!

[Tip courtesy of my overlord, Blizake]