It will fade!

2007 Video game growth outpaced music, video

All signs are pointing to 2007 being the best year ever for video games, but how did the industry stack up against some of the Old Guard like movies and music? If the Entertainment Software Association (via Ars Technica) is to be believed, it was a banner year that left tired old things like “CDs” and DVDs” in the dust.

Nintendo’s Wii software sales are No. 1 for December

Is the tide turning? Was I actually right for once with one of my now infamous pro-Nintendo Infendo rants? I only ask because this morning I read something that was borderline Bible end-of-the-world Revelations territory: Wii software sales for December were officially higher than the market leader, Xbox 360. This spectacular feat actually occurred last month in the wake of the annual video game s...

The Wii’s Success: It’s time for developers to put up or shut up

OPINION — It’s officially time for 3d party developers to put up or shut up. The act of complaining about developing games for a Nintendo console and turning a profit against the big bad Ninty and its cadre of 1rst party behemoths has officially been exposed as the pathetic, cry baby act that it is.

EA, again: No Rock Band Wii planned

Even the mighty Rome fell, eventually. So too will EA, I think, although not in quite as catastophic a fashion as the great decendents of Romulus and Reemus. But eventually, nonetheless.

Satoru Iwata is Next Generation’s 2007 Person of the Year

This past year was arguably a year of high’s and more high’s for Nintendo. Any of the firm’s blemishes were easily washed away by its monthly successes, and the core gamer — the everyman and woman who once again controls the fate of the video game industry — would tell you that Nintendo met their expectations and then some (with the exception, of course, that supply c...

Wii Fit motivates other Wii titles into Japan’s top ten

Are you one of the doubters? When you saw Wii Fit debut earlier this year, did you scoff and sneer like 95% of the “enthusiast press?” News today from Japan goes a long way towards making people like you the left out in the cold variety, as Wii Fit has not only sold decently, it also boosted the sales of other Wii games that many people were ready to right off as disappointments in the...

It pays to think differently, literally

The Wii and DS combined outsold everything else by a sizable margin in the month of July according to NPD. The reason? Both systems are cheap, they think differently, and there are absolutely no good games for either machine. Well, I know two out of three of those reasons are accurate… Nintendo Wii: 425K Nintendo DS: 405K Sony PlayStation 2: 222K Sony PSP: 214K Microsoft Xbox 360: 170K Sony ...