Pokemon TCG comes to iPad…as predicted

Today saw the Pokémon World Championship 2014 begin in Washington, D.C and as contestants made their way inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, some found a surprising encounter. Being demoed was a version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game was running on an iPad. Although an official written announcement has been made, reps at the event confirmed this was the real deal and should land o...

Motley Fool: Nintendo Might Discontinue Wii U Next Year

So says Sam Mattera of the Motley Fool investment website. Now before you decry his opinion, let’s see Mattera’s arguments in short form: The Wii U has been a total failure. Microsoft will steal Nintendo’s core market. Unlike Sony, Nintendo can’t afford to support a failing console. This holiday season will be crucial for Nintendo. Got iPad? Okay, now you may decry his opin...

What are you playing this weekend?

In between college football and Yankees vs. Red Sox, I’ll be playing Kirby Mass Attack and a few iPad freebies. What about you?

AAA Pokedex is an Awesome Reference on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

For those of you Pokemaniacs out there who are constantly searching for a good reference on evolution, stats, moves, breeding, and more, I highly recommend AAA Pokedex for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’ll run you a couple of bucks, but its well worth it. The developer is also constantly updating it with new features.