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What are some of your favorite indie games?

Tiny Wings is a clever game. Colorful. Easy on the eyes and ears. Addictive. It’s my new favorite indie game, like World of Goo and Osmos were before it. What about you? From a Nintendo fan’s perspective, what are the

Divergent Shift now availible on DSiWare

Cool independent game being published by Konami on the DSi. Check it out.

What will happen with Bob’s Game?

As a lot of you know, Bob’s game is an indie game that was proclaimed to be the first Nintendo DSi title. After a lot of Internet drama about obtaining the official Nintendo SDK for the DS and supposed attacks

Developer Responds to a “Slow” Accusation

“We’re been following the Internet chatter after our La-Mulana announcement… I want to address a fan concern that has been mentioned by blog commentators and some forums. The preview trailer we released is a flash movie that was created for

Recreating Zelda as a First Person 3D Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to play the original Legend of Zelda while looking through the eyes of Link? What, never? Well you’re going to find out what it’s like anyway, because some guy named Radix deemed it

Card Saga Wars – Link vs Cloud

This time Link versus Cloud. As you can see, we improved the older sprites and animations to match the newer characters, and also improved the combat interface as well as Link’s stage: Sacred Forest Meadow. The one freeware PC game