Looks like GameFly is shipping 3DS titles

I had some Wii games in my GameFly queue ahead of the 3DS games (like Just Dance 2), but it looks like they’re starting to ship 3DS games. There were some other 3DS games up ahead of Sims 3 in my queue, like Samurai Warriors Chronicles, but for whatever reason they picked this one to send out early. Nintendo published titles such as Nintendogs+Cats are listed as releasing on 3/27/11. Anyone ...

Mario Galaxy 2 tops list of most popular Wii rentals last year

According to Gamefly, care of Shack News: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Donkey Kong Country Returns Disney Epic Mickey Metroid: Other M Red Steel 2 Monster Hunter Tri Kirby’s Epic Yarn GoldenEye 007 Wipeout Just Dance 2 Most popular DS rentals were as follows:

Gamefly goes Tangible with G-BOX Rentals

Gamefly continues it’s tradition of human interaction free game rental with the Gamefly G-BOX. Similar to DVD rental machines found in grocery stores, the G-Box allows customers to rent video games on a day-to-day basis for a small fee – 1.99 per day for Wii games 2.49 per day for Xbox 360 and Ps3 games. The first G-BOX was installed in Texas Tech University’s Barnes & Noble ...