Gamefly goes Tangible with G-BOX Rentals

Gamefly continues it’s tradition of human interaction free game rental with the Gamefly G-BOX. Similar to DVD rental machines found in grocery stores, the G-Box allows customers to rent video games on a day-to-day basis for a small fee – 1.99 per day for Wii games 2.49 per day for Xbox 360 and Ps3 games. The first G-BOX was installed in Texas Tech University’s Barnes & Noble campus book store last week, and the company plans to install similar units nationwide. Hopefully these vending machines won’t be limited to college campuses, but John Creed, manager of the Texas Tech store suggested that Gamefly had specifically been working with Barnes & Nobel campus bookstores to reach the college gamer.

Like Gamefly’s online counterpart, the G-BOX will allow customers to keep their rentals as long as they want without due dates or late fees, presumably recurring the daily rental fee until the item is returned. The G-BOX will also feature a rent-to-own pay structure, allowing customers to keep the games they enjoy the most.

[Daily Toreador via Gamecyte]